Plastic internal lubricant (HG-16)

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Standard: Q/HYH002-2012

Properties and Uses

Properties: light yellow transparent oily liquid

Uses: non-toxic internal lubricant for PVC,with good transparency and antiscale capacity. It is well compatible with PVC resin.

Physical and chemical index
Item Index
Chroma, mgI2/100ml ≤ 15
Flash point, ºC ≥ 245
Acid value, mgKOH/g ≤ 3
Iodine value, gI2/100g ≤ 125
Refractive index (at 20ºC) 1.460-1.480
Specific gravity (at 20ºC) 0.920-0.940
Viscosity (at 20ºC), mpa.s 90-130
Freezing point ºC 0
Volatile matter (96h/90ºC), % ≤ 1
Heavy metals (as pb), % ≤ 0.0005
As, % ≤ 0.0001

Packing: : plastic coated or galvanized metal pail, Net wt.:180kg

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