Dicalcium Phosphate Animal Feed Grade

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Grade Standard
Industrial Grade , Chemical Grade , Food Grade , Feed Grade
Packaging Type
Packaging Size
50 Kgs
Rock Phosphate Base

Product Description:

We are taking this opportunity to introduce our selves as one of the leading supplier of Mono/Di/Tri Calcium Phosphate Feed Grade based at Vadodara Gujarat.Di-Calcium Phosphate Animal Feed Grade is added in animals feed to cure infertility caused due to mineral deficiency, to reduce the inter-calving period, to improve resistance against diseases like mastitis, to enhance fiber digestion & prevent ruminal disorders, to maintain calcium in the body & to increase the milk production.

• The DCP can be used as feed additive to supply mineral nutrition such as phosphorus and calcium
• It can be easily digested and absorbed by animal, shorten the animal fat up period
• Increasing breeding rate and survival rate
• Enhance the animal’s capability against diseases such as chondropathy, dysentery,palsy etc.   specifications :
• Character: Powder and Micro Granular
• Molecular formula: CaHPO4.2H2O
• Standard: HG 2636-2000 • Phosphorus: 18% min • Calcium: 23 % min
• Fluorine: 700 PPM max
• LOI: 22-26%

Additional Information:

Delivery Time

Port Of Dispatch
Mehsana Gujarat
Production Capacity
400 MT Month
Packaging Details
50 Kgs HDPE Bag with inner liner

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