We are an enterprise specializing in importing products of famous brands from USA, Belgium, China, Maylaysia, Thailand … to meet the domestic demand. We always find out the needs of customers, listen to suggestions from customers and have a professional team consultants in the field of chemicals and additives in the key industries including: ·

  • Food industry·
  • Paint, plating·
  • Ink industry·
  • Textile dyeing·
  • Plastic, rubber·
  • Footwear industry·
  • Wood industry·
  • Animal Feed industry·

We not only give our customers the best products at the most competitive prices, but we also serve customers with professionalism and devotion. So, we have grown rapidly not only in size, human resources but also one of the most reputable chemical suppliers in Vietnam. In order to achieve these achievements, from the beginning, we have determined for ourselves the specific orientation with the aim and philosophy of business throughout the process of formation and development of the company. 

Overall objectives: 

– Create a professional working environment, dynamic and favorable conditions for each member to promote their own creative thinking.

– Pay special attention to the training and development of qualified and professional staff so that they can integrate into the region and the world.

– Build distribution channels, manage and take care of the leading customer system in Vietnam.

– Sponsor social activities with the motto “For the health of the Vietnamese” to develop and promote the brand. 

Business philosophy:It can be said that these values ​​have become and will become the important principles that all our staff build and promote. These are fundamental values ​​for the sustainable development of the company

1. Customers are the focus

2. Prestige, quality to survive

3. Collaborate for success

4. Develop human resources